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British Housewife Sandy, The Bedfordshire Blonde

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Ever popular Sandy – The British housewife from Bedfordshire seen here in some free pictures from her personal premium British porn site The Bedfordshire Blonde

A 100% British MILF who loves to get her kit off for the cameras – well that’s just the type of UK bird that we love to see here at British Housewives. Just think, if it wasn’t for the ‘invention’ of the internet, mature babes such as Sandy would be relegated to the back pages of the Readers Wives sections of Fiesta and other top shelf Gentlemans pamphlets. And what a shame that would be.

You’ll agree that there’s something horny about seeing a housewife prancing around in the nude behind closed doors. If you don’t agree, whatever you do don’t click the link below – cos it leads to 1000′s of pics and videos of The Bedfordshire Blonde and she specialises in the art of prancing around in the nude behind closed doors – most of the time.

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British Housewife Posing In Stockings

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

British Housewife Sandy - The Bedforshire Blonde

British amatuer housewife Sandy seen here in this set of photos taken from her site Bedfordshire Blonde is gonna be seen quite a bit on these pages devoted to British Housewives. Not least cos she’s a genuine UK housewife, but because I quite like her site – and I can post whatever I like to this British Housewife blog :)

In the above picture, taken from a set where she is posing at a desk in her secretary outfit, I quite like the way that her blouse is almost see thru – gives you more than a good idea of what’s lurking underneath. Anyway incase your imagination cant muster up any idea of whats beneath that blouse, I wouldn’t worry ‘cos she soon strips out of it to reveal her pretty sizeable set of knockers – one handily placed either side of her chest.. result.

As with pretty much all photo sets & streaming videos of Sandy on her Bedforshire Blonde site she doesnt hold back in this particular set – no sooner is she out of her blouse she’s billy bollocks naked with her legs all akimbo and her minge spread for all the world to see. Bit rude. See the full set – and a fuckload more – right here.