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Drunk British Housewives

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Fuck me, if this is what all women are like when they’re out on the piss with their mates, I’m not sure if I want my mrs to go on a “Girls night out” again.

Is this how all British Housewives act on a night out?

Boozed Women have put together a library of video film taken at various hen parties, girls weekends away, bachelorette parties etc and knocked it all together to create a rather special website to show you how the average British Housewife behaves when 10 bacardi and cokes, a male stripper and a bottle of baby oil is in the equation.

Here’s a short sample video of the kind of videos Boozed Women have acquired..

Now I’ve never seen the point in the CFNM niche before (CFNM means Clothed Female, Nude Male) .. however there’s something curiously intriguing about seeing how yer average UK wife acts when handed a bottle of baby lotion and a strangers cock dangled in her face. And if that kind of thing interests you as well, then check out the entire library of drunk uk wives clips at Boozed Women :)